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My last visit to Saturn

I felt like sharing a dream I had a while ago. I felt that sharing it in a creative-ish, 1st person short story format would be really fun. It was

So I found myself in a typical military-style orbital base. It had the appearance of how an underground base or submarine might be built for pure functionality. Metal grated floors attached to polished guard rails, gave it a sterile appeal that only battle-hardened generals would feel at home in. The few rooms that I went into had no furniture, but were lined with floor to ceiling lockers fitted to the walls in tight spaces and right-angles.

I knew that I was shipped here for my last mission. They were gonna get me to do one last thing before they put a bullet in my head. ‘I should find a gun’, I thought. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt as if I had been uncovered as a certain threat to whatever program was running on this station. ‘There’s always weapons caches in these kind of places’.  Opening up an obviously marked door to my right, I found walls lined with weapons of various caliber hung on prongs which protruded every vertical foot. I grabbed a small black, sleek looking handgun and slipped it into a holster attached to my ankle and under the one-piece uniform I was wearing.

I can’t remember exactly how, but I later found myself outside the station. I’m now fully aware that I was in orbit around Saturn. I was standing on a semi-circular metal-grated plank or walk-way which extended for at least several hundred meters from the orbital station itself, and perfectly outlining the furthest ring. The station was just above and outside the ring structure of the planet , by several 10’s of km’s.

A very close friend of mine handed me a camera-like instrument and gave me some brief instructions as to how to use it.  I was to measure the light frequency and sound resonance given off by the furthest ring. I pointed the device at the rings with a small cross-hairs seen through the scope of the cube-shaped instrument. As I pressed a button and made the device work in some manner, the ring structure appeared to glow brighter. At that very moment, a massive explosion rocked the station and I found myself hurtling through space directly away from the planet.

Ryan and I were attached to a very long bungee cord type of safety tether still connected to the railing left behind. I was extremely shocked, yet oddly amazed at how rapidly Saturn was becoming smaller in view. I desperately held onto the tether in front of me. The time spent flying away from the planet seemed to drag on in utter fear and hopelessness. The bungee finally came to its maximum, and as it did the debris just behind me came flying past at an incredibly dramatic and speedy manner. A piece of something hit me in the face and cracked my helmet. Oxygen levels in my ‘suit’ started dropping immediately. At this time, I became aware that the momentum of the explosion and the subsequent spring back of the ‘bungee-tether’ sent my friend and I on an high velocity flight back to where we came from. It was unbelievably terrifying  watching the planet Saturn grow big once again knowing that we were coming in far too fast for any safe recovery to be possible. This flight back was to take too long and the air in my suit was getting tremendously low. My breathing became difficult. I remember my friend coming to life over the head set, telling me to hold my breath…. which was impossible under those circumstances…..I knew I was going to die. I wasn’t scared and I almost welcomed it. I struggled for breath drowning in space…..

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Convergence of Storms

What an incredible photograph of the earth! The most majestic, pristine, powerful and raw displays of mother nature. The earth almost speaks through the photograph. She’s been heated and needs to let off a little steam. The three hurricanes representing not just a rise in sea temperature, but an energetic build-up of chaos in all the cosmos. Perhaps it is the macrocosmic expression of what’s occurring socially and spiritually.

I couldn’t help but think of the destructive forces and areas of interest in which the elite seem obsessed about. War, terrorism and the economy rip through the  mainstream media every day like a hurricane.


As the terrorist group ISIS loses control over territory, each bombing and hastily initiated terror attack appears to to get more and more desperate. This short youtube video does a fantastic job at explaining why. The latest gruesome and horribly sad event in Spain will only strengthen those left to deal with the aftermath. Just as those left in the wake of Harvey’s destruction saw the storm pitter away, slowly weakening as it made its cowardly run inland.

The utterly terrifying prospect of a nuclear exchange with North Korea has never been closer to reality. With two giant children at the helm of each respective ship, Mr. Un and the Donald, I’ve watched with my breath held and my jaw on the floor. Could Trump possibly do or say anything dumber than he already has? It won’t matter when Kim ultimately decides he has nothing better to do than to start a scrap with the world. According to the National Post, “an estimated 41 percent of the population is undernourished and additional sanctions could cause famines similar to the 1990’s”. If this school boy drama plays out anything like the stubborn crawl of Irma, it may cost the lives of a lot of people minding their own business.

What does the last and final hurricane represent? I think that depends on us as a whole. Our collective unconscious and co-creation has inspired destructive forces brought to life in both man and the earth. As Hurricane Jose sits idle in the Atlantic, I imagine the economies of the west sitting in the balance awaiting their fate. Could the storms themselves be the straw which causes a domino affect and eventual collapse of the dollar?  The convergence of anger, natural disaster and a weakening economy make for an interesting end of year party.


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The Ultimate Relic is a place where people are able to come together to share ideas about the past, present and future. I wanted to create an environment for the historian,the futurist, the survivalist, and the conspiracy buff. This website will please those with both spiritual optimism and realistic pessimism.

I feel as though the word relic embodies what this website could become. A quick google search of the word shows the following;



  1. an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical or sentimental interest.
    : artifact · historical object · ancient object · antiquity · antique
    • a part of a deceased holy person’s body or belongings kept as an object of reverence.
      :remains · corpse · bones · cadaver
    • an object, custom, or belief that has survived from an earlier time but is now outmoded:
      “individualized computer programming and time-sharing would become expensive relics”
    • (relics)
      all that is left of something:
      “relics of a lost civilization”

    I believe that the answers to the world’s biggest questions will be found in the relics of the ancient world. Regardless of where one looks for the answers, if we want to accurately predict where the human race is going, we must fully understand our past. Answering the question “where do we come from” will be uncovering what the human being is at its core. A realm of discovery which often borders on spirituality. I believe that there are great relics to uncover. Possibly the greatest one of all is our humanity itself.  To be humane is our true nature and a lost relic.